Lilies for Saint Joseph

A Sign of Hope

In the midst of darkness, a glimmer of light is seen. And those with eyes to see are reminded that devotion and recourse to Saint Joseph is still alive and well in Canada.

Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, holds a special place in the hearts of Marian devotees everywhere. In recognition of his feast day on March 19, Canada Needs Our Lady, through an on-line campaign, offered friends and supporters an opportunity to express this devotion in a singular way.

And what way was this? The most fitting offering we could think of was to flood a garden dedicated to Saint Joseph with white lilies. The whiteness of the flower represents Saint Joseph’s virtue, holiness, innocence and obedience to God: “He did as the angel commanded” (Matt. 1:24; see also Matt. 2:14,21,22). The white flower also represents his fidelity to Mary, as well as his chastity and purity because he respected her virginity and observed continence throughout their marriage: “He had no relations with her” (Matt. 1:25a).

St. Joseph Lilies

Garden Side View

Despite all the suffering we are all enduring, thousands of generous souls chose to honour Saint Joseph in a unique way. And the result was simply stunning! The dazzling white of the lilies, contrasting so beautifully against the vibrant greens in the garden, seem to have brought a subtle smile to the face of Saint Joseph.

Garden Night View

It is in this smile of Saint Joseph that I encourage all friends of Our Lady and devotees of her most chaste spouse to never give up HOPE. Never close your minds or hearts to the miracles that God, in His infinite goodness, has in store for those who love Him. Always and in every circumstance—big and small—turn to the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph. Together they crossed a desert to keep the baby Jesus safe. They will do the same, and more, for you!


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